Recording Ruby Tuesday

As a portable sound-recording company, Synthetica Digital Audio revels in meeting a range of clients. Early in December, Jakub had the privilege of recording Ruby Tuesday, a community choir. The singers rehearse weekly and bring a range of musical experiences to the group. Under the dedicated leadership of Susan Young and accompanist Alex Wignall, they … Continue reading Recording Ruby Tuesday


Maintaining high quality gear

To ensure longevity of any equipment, it must be respected and treated well in performance contexts, in transit, and in storage. Synthetica Digital Audio prides itself on attention to detail. This starts with presenting a professional service using impeccable audio gear. Did we mention that we love leads? There is something meditative about rolling up … Continue reading Maintaining high quality gear

The Art of Sound Recording

There is a science behind good live sound and an engineer worth their salt knows how to hit the sweet spot. Sound good? Then, read on... Synthetica Digital Audio takes engineering, composition, and design seriously with a dash of humour. We provide a range of affordable and accessible services. If you want a clean live … Continue reading The Art of Sound Recording